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Energy Saving

In most commercial buildings, lighting accounts for more than 50 percent of the electricity used. Growing energy awareness and Building regulations are driving an increased demand for lighting control it therefore makes sense to focus attention on how to provide energy efficient lighting.

Energy Management by decorum technology
Building Regulations state: “Where it is practical, the aim of lighting control should be to encourage the maximum use of daylight and to avoid unnecessary lighting during time when spaces are unoccupied…” Digital lighting enables luminaires to dim up and down in response to changing light levels. Savings of up to 70 percent are possible using such systems.

Whether as a stand-alone system or part of a complete integration solution offers significant energy savings by providing daylight harvesting and automating lights, blinds, and thermostats on daylight, time, motion, occupancy, temperature, humidity and other conditions, by integrating the environmental systems, efficiencies are increased exponentially.
Energy Management by decorum technology
Ask yourself how many unoccupied offices have their lights left on, only to waste energy and money? A simple control system can easily remedy this by using occupancy sensors to switch lighting on or off. This alone can lead to significant energy savings. Taking this one step further, the occupancy sensor can also incorporate a photocell that switches the lighting off if there is enough natural light. Such systems are not expensive and are easy to install.

In addition to offering Lighting Management control systems we can also integrate with other building systems. When lighting controls are the system of choice for the board room, meeting rooms, entrance halls, lift lobbies and exteriors; these can be effectively integrated with the building management systems, fire alarms and security.
Energy Management by decorum technology











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