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Need a Home Automation or Multiroom AV system?

 Welcome to our beginner’s guide.

Why bother with Home Automation?


 It’s the PERFECT LIFESTYLE choice.

  1. You’ll  have the latest movie or am old classic at the touch of a button. Just key in the name of your favourite actor and download all of his movies on the spot. Cater for every taste and every age in your home – no last minute dash to the video shop.
  2. Listen to your favourite sounds from anywhere on the internet. Singalong to your favourite karaoke number complete with lyrics and microphone. No need for endless shelves of CDs, DVDs or even LPs! And every track is so easy to find. You can guarantee a show-stopping party.
  3. Invite your friends to watch sports action or blockbuster movies in 3D.
  4. Set the mood – we can tailor a different lighting scheme for every occasion – anything from romantic or party - to a brighter working or reading area…. and there’s a system that can be installed without disruption or redecoration.
  5. No unsightly switches.
  6. De-clutter your home - no need for messy wires
  7. Impress your friends by running a bath from your mobile phone.
  8. Enjoy remote control curtains and blinds
  9. Give greater freedom to someone with limited mobility.
  10. And of course you can watch your waterproof TV in the shower or while you soak in the bath!
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How to avoid the cowboys.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
 Q .At what stage do I need to get Smarthousestore involved?
A. The best time is when you have your plans or are planning your build budget.
Q .How is it different from watching TV like I do at the moment?
A. You can watch in HD with a much clearer picture. You have access to any movie starring any actor, it will sound so realistic you will think you are IN the movie yourself!
Q .Is it more trouble than it’s worth?
A. It isn’t any trouble if you have the right team working for you. And it’s well worth any effort when you put your feet up and see the results!
Q. What if it goes wrong?
A. We will guarantee our work for two or three years
Q. What if I press the wrong button?
A. You always have the option to go back to the beginning.
Q. Will my granny/babysitter understand how to use it?
A. It’s very easy to explain. Not only will they be able to use it – they’ll love you for it. They’ll be queuing up to babysit!
Q. What if there’s a power cut? Q Will it all need re-setting?
A. All control systems automatically reset. PC may need to be.
Q. Are your installation teams prepared to travel abroad?
A. Of course, we have already carried out a number of installations overseas.
Q. How do I find the right supplier?
A. It’s always a good idea to check out testimonials from previous clients and compare online. But remember unscrupulous traders can offer cheap products which are notoriously unreliable.
Q. How do I find an installer I can trust?
A. This is crucial. Check qualifications and training. Insist on a detailed plan before work starts, again check previous work. Beware of using an electrician who’s working on something else for you. This is a highly skilled specialist area. Any good electrician would agree with this. You wouldn’t get a plumber to design your new kitchen! (See how to avoid cowboys).
Q. I have an old house – would it be suitable?   
A. Absolutely – if you want to maintain a traditional feel you can always go for discreet options ie TVs hidden behind mirrors or paintings. Whatever the age of the property it will benefit from a sympathetic lighting system. There’s a very good reason why the one bright overhead light in the middle of a room became unfashionable!
Q. Does it need much maintaining?
A. No.
Q. How do I know I am getting value for money?
A. We have a price promise to match like for like quotations. 
Q. I like my old CDs and LPs - why should I change?
A. We’re all sentimental. Load your favourite music onto your system and stores the CDs and LPs somewhere safe where they won’t get damaged with constant use. Free up valuable shelf and storage space.
How safe are electric gates?
WE don’t fit sliding gates. We do fit ones that open inwards or outwards and they always have sensors to stop them closing if there’s any obstruction.
Why are people put off Home Automation?
  • Often people are scared it will be too complex. Our team prides itself on making our systems the easiest to enjoy. As the client you need to be in control of it – it should never be overwhelming or too complicated to use.
  • Or too expensive. We have a wide range of systems to suit every budget.
  • Messy to install and disruptive. It’s easier to install everything if it’s a new build or you’re doing renovation work but there are lighting systems that can be installed with no disruption whatsoever.
  • Fears it can look “over the top.” It can be as obvious or discreet as you want it. Eg some of our clients like to hide widescreen TVs behind pictures or mirrors. 
  • It will go out of date. Our products are market leaders but if one day you want to replace anything it couldn’t be easier. 

So if this has helped you do not hesitate call us and we will be delighted to arrange an on site meeting, go through you drawings or just discuss further any unanswered questions that you may have. 


Register with us for more on our beginners guide including Ten tips on "How to avoid the Cowboys" and why Home Automation is "the perfect investment" - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.


Call 0845 8622134 or email