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Systemline Modular PSM45 Power Supply

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Systemline Modular PSM45 Power Supply

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Quick Overview

45W power supply.

Product Description

Systemline Modular offers unprecedented flexibility, whilst maintaining full interconnectivity. The system knows what each part of its component parts is doing, including its exact status. For example, if a ceiling speaker receives a command to switch to a local input, it will change its display accordingly. It will also tell the keypad in that zone to do the same.


Systemline QED Modular explained....

Systemline Modular offers unprecedented flexibility, whilst maintaining full interconnectivity. The system knows what each part of its component parts is doing, including its exact status. For example, if a ceiling speaker receives a command to switch to a local input, it will change its display accordingly. It will also tell the keypad in that zone to do the same.

There are three main configurations of the QED Systemline Modular:

  • Single audio source to up to 6 zones (rooms) plus sub zones
  • Multiple audio sources (6) to up to 8 zones (rooms) plus sub zones
  • Mulitple audio and video sources (6) to up to 8 zones (rooms) plus sub zones

In order to help you make a selection we have priced up, at the foot of this page, a range of complete systems, however, this is a modular system and it can be configured to meet your specific needs. If you would like a particular system not shown below please call us with your requirements.

The Systemline Modular system consists of a few key components:

  • Central hub:A hub is required for all installations featuring 2 or more zones. It is designed to be screwed to the wall or contained within a patch panel such as the HomeCabling panel
  • Active speaker pair or zone amplifier with passive speakers
  • Control system:
  • Audio source input and IR relay system:
  • Power supply unit:

Central Hub

Single source hub

This outputs to 6 zones, and allows you to connect the source either directly via the stereo phono input or over Cat5e cable from a remotely located source using the CIM or Coolport(see below). Power is from a single PSM130 power supply providing 130 watts of power for the system and active speakers.

This hub is compatible with the HomeCabling mini patch panel.

Multi-source audio hub (AM8)

The AM8 multi-source hub allows you to input 6 audio sources to 6 zones using the standard PSM130 power supply. By adding an extra PSM130 it is possible to drive an extra 2 zones, ie 6 sources to 8 zones. Audio sources are connected to the hub using the Multiple Input Module see below.

This hub is compatible with the HomeCabling mini patch panel. shown right.

Video hub (VM8)

This is an 'add-on' to the multi-source hub and permits you to distribute up to 6 video sources attached to the audio sources, to the 8 zones. This is ideal, for example, if you want to distribute Sky or Freeview around your home. If you have your music on a computer or hard disc player eg SoundServer it allows you to see the menu structure for music selection.

(By using an aerial splitter and multiple TV tuner such as the Scion Pro6020 and Pro6010 respectively, you could distribute terrestrial TV around the home directly to plasma screens or LCD monitors and avoid the need for each to have a built-in TV tuner.)

Active speakers or Zone Amplifier Module with passive speakers

The normal arrangement of the Systemline Modular system is to use pairs of in-ceiling speakers. Each pair of speakers is made up of one speaker with the amplifier attached and one conventional speaker(ALM2/IR). For bathrooms where there is insufficient room for a pair of speakers, a single active speaker can be purchased and used in 'mono mode'.(SLM2/IR) The active speakers can be purchased with a built-in IR sensor (eg ALM2IR) or without (eg ALM2).

Systemline Modular uses the professionally balanced line standard for transmitting the audio. This ensures almost perfect signal transmission and provides high immunity to noise and electromagnetic interference. The active speakers with their perfectly matched Class D digital amplifier to drive arrangement, make excellent use of this high quality signal.

Systemline Modular uses an extremely efficient design, so that when in standby or in use, not only will it not be wasting energy, but it is extremely cool running. No special provision needs to be made for ventilation when installing this system.

Zone Amplifier Module

As an alternative to this system in each zone you can use a pair of conventional passive speakers together with a Zone Ampifier Module (ZAM). The ZAM has an RJ45 socket to connect to the central hub using Cat5e cable and outputs to the speakers using normal speaker cable. The ZAM is designed to be mounted under a shelf, on a wall or even in the ceiling void, and has a small separate IR sensor that plugs into the ZAM and responds in the same way as the sensor on a keypad. Connected speakers must have an impedance of 4 Ohms minimum.

Retro-fit If you have an ethernet home network, using a ZAM linked to free standing speakers and plugged into a data point in each listening room allows you to retro-fit a multiroom audio system back to the hub without extra wiring!

Three power options are possible for the ZAM, giving different speaker outputs:

  • Power from the main hub, ie as if it were a normal speaker, gives 10 Watts per channel
  • Power from a local PSM45, gives 22 Watts per channel*
  • Power from a PSM130 located near the hub, gives 22 Watts per channel

(*The local PSM45 can mean a dedicated power source located near the hub and delivered over Cat5e cable.)

Control System

This takes two forms; an Infra-Red control sensor in each of the active speakers, or a wall mounted keypad, although you can use both in the same room if you wish. In both cases the IR sensor has associated LEDs that give you feedback (via different colours) on status, eg standby, main source playing or local source playing.

The kits we show in the price list below assume all speakers with IR sensors and remote controls appropriate to the hub. Keypads are optional extras to these kits

Single source keypad and remote control

The KPM wall mounted keypad module for single source control, like the stylish anodised aluminium infra-red single source remote control (RM1) has basic volume controls and allows the selection of local source input (see below). The remote is also used for setting up the system, eg start up volume, bass and treble settings, and maximum volume. For controlling the source functions eg skip track or radio station you will need your existing remote and point it at the built-in IR sensor.

Multi-source keypads and multi-source remote control

The multi-source learning programmable remote (LRN7) can directly learn up to 8 codes for each of 7 IR devices, or these can be programmed using a PC and the software provided. The LRN7 also learns Bang & Olufsen and Pioneer Elite IR codes. Macros can be programmed to allow you to send multiple instructions with a single button press. The multi-source keypad has source selection buttons and basic volume control functions similar to the single source keypad. Control over the actual sources is achieved with the learning remote.

The new IR learning keypad offers the full control over sources similar to the multi-source learning remote.

Source input and IR relay system

Single source system

A single Source Input Module (SM0452) and Infra-Red output Module (SM0512) are combined and located on the wall close to the source. You can buy just the SIM and use it to input a local source to the speakers from a 'line level' source eg MP3 player, computer or media center device such as the Neuston MC500 media centre.

Multi-source system

An equivalent Multi-source Input Module is used for the multi-source system. This permits up to 3 sources to be connected to the hub.

All of these options allow you relay IR commands to control the source equipment.

Video input (and output) uses composite video baluns.

5.1 Surround sound

The use of an HCCP5.1 surround sound input plate allows you to expand your Systemline Modular system into a 5.1 home cinema arrangement using either in-ceiling active speakers or Zone Amplifier Modules and conventional speakers. To do this you require a DVD player that has a built-in Dolby 5.1 decoder outputting on phono sockets not solely digital co-ax. For full details click here.

Power supplies

To power the speakers two versions are available; a 45 Watt unit for a single zone or a single sub-zone (PSM45) and a 130 Watt unit for powering 6 zones (PSM130). For an 8 zone system a second PSM130 is used.

NB: This system is distributing analogue audio signals, not digital. It cannot therefore work with wireless WiFi bridges replacing the ethernet cables.

Contact Smarthousestore 0845 8622134 for further information or email us your drawings in PDF or DWG formats and we will happilly provide you with a NO OBLIGATION Free quotation.

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